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Danny grew up in the mountains nearby + spent many years as a working artist before becoming interested in farming.

Alena grew up in the deciduous jungles of the Southeast + has spent the last decade+ as an organic farmer + native plant gardener.


We have two sweet puppies, Persimmon + Tenzin, who are learning how to eat flowers + hunt for gophers (Tenzin is the black pup in the picture). 

We met during an apprenticeship at a medicinal herb farm + have been growing plants + making medicine together ever since.

We believe that growing + producing local medicine is our way to contribute to a more just + sustainable world, where healthcare is centered first within ourselves.  We hope to connect folks more firmly to the magic of plants.

In addition, we have expanded our farm in the last three years to include more than a half-acre of organic cut flowers for market, which has been a new joy in our farm world.

Night herons are a grouchy, beloved bird of the liminal spaces where salt + fresh waters collide, keepers of the marshes, bogs + estuaries that are some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. We hold these birds + the secret, hidden worlds they contain + guard as a goal for our own agricultural practices, where diversity + wildness + many different worlds are respected + cultivated.

Labels are all original tiny paintings by Danny.


Photo by Debra Herrick

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