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Our flower CSA is now available for preorder!

Flowers will begin in last week of May---we'll be in touch at least two weeks before the start date. If you're ordering this subscription as a gift, please let us know + we will email you a cute flower card as a placeholder <3


We dramatically expanded the size + scope of our farm in 2020 by doubling our growing space + renting another half-acre closer to the coast to grow cut flowers for farmers market + CSA customers. We learned so much from the last two years + are excited to offer more than 210 glorious varieties of cut flowers this year from our tiny space bursting with life + color! 


The flower CSA is fresh, locally + organically grown + hand-arranged seasonal flowers for ten weeks in the late spring // early summer. Flowers might include the delicate, tissue-paper blooms of Icelandic poppies, nigella, phacelia, forget me nots, sweet peas, zinnias, lisianthus, sunflowers, snapdragons, amaranth, dahlias, asters, marigolds, ammi, heirloom chrysanthemums + so many more.  

All flowers grown outdoors in a more-than-organic field kissed by coastal fog + ocean breezes. Supporting local, chemical-free flowers is good for the environment: cut flower-growing can be a very toxic + resource intensive endeavor + as with our medicine gardens we strive to honor the earth, increase biodiversity + use resources sparingly. Additionally, in the winter of 2020 we transitioned our fields to no-till growing, which furthers our commitment to building living soil + biodiversity.


Local pickup in the flower field behind Carpinteria Tuesday mornings beginning May 24,  downtown Santa Barbara Tuesday afternoons beginning May 24, Thursday afternoons at the Ojai Community Farmers' Market beginning May 26 or Sunday mornings at the Ojai Farmers' Market beginning May 29. We will be in touch with firm dates + addresses as the time approaches, so make sure to include your email address.