We garden on the gentle slopes of a mountain just two miles inland from the southern California coast.  We respectfully acknowledge that this is the unceded homeland of the Ventureno Chumash, stewards of this landscape for at least the last 13,000 years. 


Our garden is nourished by coastal fog rolling in + out of the canyon, surrounded by high + dry ridgelines but held in the dense embrace of a healthy oak woodland.  Our garden is a riot of medicine + food in the growing season, with holy basil + ashwagandha next to cut flowers + our summer tomatoes.  

We now rent an additional half-acre closer to the coast, for a total of one acre in cultivation.  This coastal field is home to many varieties of organically field grown cut flowers, as well as an expansion of our medicine gardens.

All plants in our formulas + flowers in our bouquets are grown in our gardens.  We use more-than-organic, no-till practices to honor the biodiversity of the forest + coast we call home.  We work to build our soil with rich compost, no tillage + cover crops to reduce our water needs + honor the reality of drought in southern California. This photo is of us + our pup Persimmon crushing + crimping our winter cover crop in a new section of our flower field: we planted a rich + diverse cover crop before the winter rains, allowed it to grow strong roots thru winter + early spring + knocked it down + covered it with a tarp for a few weeks before planting directly into the decomposing plant matter + roots which turned + built the soil for us without the need for machine work. We are fully committed to farming in the most sustainable + ecologically honorable way that we can + this past winter we decided that no-till was the method which best suited our goals.

We are immensely grateful to the plant world for the never-ending generosity of growth + seek to create a business which reflects this sense of abundance, as well as the ancestral memory of plant-people relationships.  Thus, we seek to incorporate equity + mutual aid into our business model as well, primarily by offering herbal medicine at free or reduced prices to Black, Brown + Indigenous people whose healing traditions + farming practices deeply inform herbalism + sustainable agriculture.  Please get in touch if you are interested in accessing this form of herbal reparations in solidarity + with gratitude <3