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Milky oats + tulsi in brandy + raw mountain honey with angelica flower essence. Shelf life of one year.


We are reviving the name + herbal principles of our very first tincture (a pure tulsi elixir from our original herb garden in northern CA five years ago!) with this elixir for grounding wild, growing energy with plants that are calming + hormone-balancing. 


Milky oats are one of our earliest spring harvests, a combination of wild oats from the foggy mountain ridge just above our garden + our winter cover crop. The juicy seeds of oats are a nourishing nervine particularly adept at repairing nerves frayed from the long-term depletions of stress. The milky sap of ripe oats nourishes the myelin sheathing that surrounds our nerve ends, which can become frayed from stress + once repaired can greatly increase our nervous system’s ability to communicate with itself + the rest of our body. O