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Milky oats + tulsi in brandy + raw mountain honey with angelica flower essence. Shelf life of one year.


We are reviving the name + herbal principles of our very first tincture (a pure tulsi elixir from our original herb garden in northern CA five years ago!) with this elixir for grounding wild, growing energy with plants that are calming + hormone-balancing. 


Milky oats are one of our earliest spring harvests, a combination of wild oats from the foggy mountain ridge just above our garden + our winter cover crop. The juicy seeds of oats are a nourishing nervine particularly adept at repairing nerves frayed from the long-term depletions of stress. The milky sap of ripe oats nourishes the myelin sheathing that surrounds our nerve ends, which can become frayed from stress + once repaired can greatly increase our nervous system’s ability to communicate with itself + the rest of our body. Once dry, milky oats are jagged + fuzzy, a perfect reminder of their soothing quality to our frayed nerves. 


Tulsi, or holy basil, is especially high in volatile oils, anti-oxidant molecules + phenolic compounds crucial for hormone-balancing + repairing damage from external stressors.  Tulsi protects + detoxifies organs + tissues, particularly the liver which is tasked with removing waste products from our blood. Holy basil also reduces the effects of stress as a nervine, bringing a sense of calm + wholeness. Tulsi’s qualities as an adaptogen, a kind of plant which shifts + reduces our intrinsic stress response, is also connected to our endocrine system--tulsi works wonders with our adrenal gland, a very active part of our endocrine system which regulates many of our stress hormones (“fight or flight”) + is prone to burnout, or the reduced capacity to respond to stress + change over time.


Flower essences are a more etheric + emotional form of plant medicine, drop doses of intimate conversation with plants + flowers in our garden. Angelica root essence is one of the first that we made as budding herb farmers + is intended to nurture our body’s innate desire to root in place + connection to the natural world with reciprocity.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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