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Echinacea root + flower, stinging nettle leaf + seed, calendula flowers, yarrow + spilanthes infused into organic cane alcohol + honey.  Shelf life of one year.


An immune-supportive formula packed with plants to support blood, lymph + general immunity.


Calendula is a lymphatic herb. Our lymph system shadows our circulatory system + is composed of branching webs which extend into every part of our body + cleanse + purify blood. This is especially important just before + during illness, since the lymph system is responsible for removing old or affected blood + cells from the body. Since the lymphatic system does not move by itself (unlike our respiration powered by lungs or circulation powered by heart), we can use plants such as calendula, which may keep our lymph system running smoothly.


Spilanthes, yarrow + echinacea are three of the strongest antibacterial + antiviral plants in our garden. Spilanthes + echinacea both have a numbing tingle, which you will recognize in the tincture. All three of these plants enhance the production + distribution of white blood cells, the workhorses of your immune system. 

Stinging nettle leaf + seed are nutritious + supportive to blood health + provide loads of vitamins + minerals to power + support your body’s immune response. Stinging nettle is also an adaptogen, working to rebuild inner energy + address chronic deficiencies. 


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Cold Tender

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