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Chocolate mint, artichoke leaf, marshmallow root + anise hyssop infused into brandy


A tasty bitter to support liver health + effecient, happy digestion. Bitters are most effective if taken about 15 minutes before a meal, but work great just after a feast as well!


Our livers need bitter tastes such as artichoke leaf, which is puckeringly stimulating to the liver’s ability to break down + metabolize the fats, sugars, spare proteins + excess hormones which may clutter your blood stream during the more sedentary winter months. Bitter tastes, even before they touch your palette, send an immediate signal to your liver to produce more bile, which is a lubricating brew of salts, acids + vitamins which greatly eases digestion all the way to your small intestine.


Chocolate mint is one of the most amazing scents in our garden. It grows as a dense understory to our raspberry bushes + whenever we harvest raspberry leaf or fruit it quickly begins to smell like an ice cream shop. Mint is cooling + soothing to digestion, quieting + supporting the delicate tissues which line your throat, stomach + intestines, which can easily become inflamed due to stress, aggravating foods or eating too fast.


Anise hyssop, also called licorice mint, is another cooling + soothing member of the mint family with a distinctive licorice taste. Anise hyssop is anti-inflammatory + calms both belly + brain.


Marshmallow root, which we harvested + dried last winter, is the most mucilaginous herb we grow--while harvesting our hands were covered in the sticky white sap from which marshmallows were originally made. This mucilage is deeply healing, nutritive + anti-inflammatory to tissues such as those in our digestive system.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Happy Belly Bitters

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