Four boxes of homegrown + handmade botanicals reflecting the wheel of the year in our organic medicine garden.  Farm boxes are offered at a discount rate for the year's investment, or pay slightly more month to month.  The year's subscription begins beginning of June 2022. Boxes ship out every other month thru December. Shipping fee is a one-time fee for all four boxes <3 


Boxes will include two tinctures, tea + a special creation where our imagination runs wild inspired by whatever is abundant + flourishing in the garden (think herbal gomasio, flower face cream, healing salves, fragrant floral hydrosols, adaptogenic salt, herbal toothpaste, etc....) as well as an illustrated zine which dives more deeply into the plants themselves. 


[all pictures are of 2020-21 shares]


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Herbal CSA Year Subscription 2022