Box of homegrown + handmade botanicals reflecting the wheel of the year in our organic garden


The tilt of spring into early summer during solstice is traditionally a time in Western herbalism to fortify + nourish your physical + emotional body in preparation for the extended days + burgeoning pace of deep summer. 


It is our belief + hope that working with medicinal herbs can be both a way to heal your own body + spirit, as well as a systemic commitment to thinning the boundaries between one another + the other-than-human world. Herbs offer physical, mental + emotional support in becoming better, more observant, more careful allies to one another + the great, green world that so desperately needs our attention + reverence.


So while this share offers herbs to nourish your nervous system, digestive system, adrenal system + liver, it also contains herbs which can act as heart-opening + transformative protective medicines as we bravely face the liminal spaces, seeking compromise + growth.


This share includes


Sweet Heart (garden strawberries, chamomile + rose petals infused into organic apple cider vinegar + local mountain honey with strawberry flower essence)


Restore (tulsi // holy basil leaf + flower + rose petals infused into brandy + local mountain honey )


Garden Breeze (hydrosol of culinary sage, lemon verbena + chamomile with sage flower essence)


Spring Flowers (tea of lemon balm, raspberry leaf, milky oats, rose petals + dandelion root)


Please note the sliding scale of $70-85 in the drop-down menu. We have adopted a sliding scale to keep our herbal medicine affordable while allowing those who are able to pay more to account for our time + labor. Please know that we are totally comfortable with any amount in this range. We also share a few of each CSA share at no cost to BIPOC community members, so please reach out if you are interested in this offering!


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Solstice 2022 Herb CSA