Weekly bouquets of fragrant + luscious field-grown flowers for ten weeks late spring to summer. Our flower subscription celebrates a diverse flower field humming with life, color, diversity + vibrancy. An ever-changing array of floral colors, textures + fragrances in your home is a truly magical experience.


Bouquets are filled with long-lasting snapdragons, sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, sweet peas, medicinals such as anise hyssop, echinacea, chamomile + tulsi, cheerful coreopsis, celosia, statice, amaranth, dahlias + so much more (somehow we are cramming more than 230 varieties of flowers into our half acre field!)


All flowers grown outdoors in a more-than-organic field kissed by coastal fog + ocean breezes.  Supporting local, chemical-free flowers is good for the environment: cut flower-growing can be a very toxic + resource intensive endeavor + as with our medicine gardens we strive to honor the earth, increase biodiversity + use resources sparingly.


$20/week + $15 (total) handling fee for delivery to Santa Barbara. ** No handling fee for field pickup or Ojai farmers market pickup**


Available pickup locations are:


farm pickup Tuesday mornings  (9 a.m. to noon) in the field 5 minutes from Carpinteria. we love this option! come hang out in the flower field, drink tea + wander around <3


downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday afternoons after 3 p.m. (address provided)


Ojai Community Farmers' Market on Thursday afternoons (3-7 p.m.)


Ojai Farmers' Market on Sunday mornings (9 am-1 pm)


Make sure to select the right option in our drop down menu + we will be in touch with further details <3

Flower CSA

  • Pickup will be in downtown SB on Thursday, Thursday Ojai Community Farmers' Market, Sunday Ojai Farmers' Market, or on the farm.  Lots of choices!