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Garden strawberries, chamomile + rose petals infused into organic apple cider vinegar + local mountain honey with strawberry flower essence


This is maybe my favorite elixir we’ve ever made, as a devoted fruit fiend. I (Alena) first learned to farm through the hot summers of my home state, North Carolina, on small + diverse fruit + veggie family farms. Growing + feasting upon organic strawberries was a true revelation, one of the most pleasurable experiences of my young farm life after a childhood of grocery store fruit. Hours stooped over the glossy green leaves, dainty white-petalled flowers + hot, ripening scent of strawberry jam, gorging on fresh, sun-warmed fruit, convinced me that I wanted to be a farmer!


Now, twelve years later, we offer this perfect moment from our strawberry patch, a spell to the sensuous. This elixir is a true distillation of early spring in our garden, with the addition of plants that are grounding + heart-opening to complement the riotous joy of sweet strawberry harvest.


Chamomile is a nervine, a plant which calms + soothes inflamed or irritated tissues in both brain + gut, leading to feelings of greater digestive ease + mental wellness. The fresh flowers of chamomile have a distinctive, honeyed bitterness which is a clue to their work as a liver + digestive supporting herb: bitter tastes are traditionally connected to bile production in your liver, the important first step in smooth digestion.


Rose petals are a pure heart medicine, steadying + brilliant. Rose’s heart support is due to its astringent qualities, tightening + toning tissues + thus warming your heart.


Flower essences are infusions of a single flower into spring water beneath sun + moon. They have an ethereal energy which speaks less to a particular body system + more directly to our emotions. Strawberry flower essence, made in the midst of ripening fruit, is a blessing of spring’s abundance + renewal.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Sweet Heart

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